Hiya, I'm Michi. I'm a seamstress and published author, but I don't usually post about that stuff here.
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I love Disney, Doctor Who, Steam Powered Giraffe, various anime (Sailormoon being my favorite of all time), video games, sci-fi, Tom Hiddleston, David Garrett, Andrew Lee Potts, My Chemical Romance, Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman, Monster High, and all things "Goth". I love to cook, make silly videos, and designing clothing. Oh, and cosplay. Been cosplaying since 1998.

I drive a Tardis. It's a PT Cruiser dressed up to look like the Tardis. Even has a "TMELORD" license plate. I call it "The Cardis"

I play World of Warcraft on Wyrmrest Accord, my main is Masuimi, and I'm in the Savage Pint Guild.


My Monster High & Ever After High collection as of March 6, 2014

I try to collect the first and/or “basic” of every doll (though I’m still missing original Holt), including the Create-A-Monsters, and every Lagoona Blue and Abbey Bominable. I do have multiples of several others, though… And a lot of the collector sets and store exclusives…

I’ve been collecting them since the beginning, and only a handful were gotten from trades with other collectors, and only the ComicCon exclusives were bought on Ebay (right after the convention, when they were still reasonable).

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